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Company registration in Indonesia.

Establishing a company is the first step to expanding your business operations into Indonesia. There are many options business owners can opt for, but the most common types are a Foreign-Owned Company (PT PMA) or Representative Office. Each has its benefits, and one may be better suited for you based on your business expansion objectives. We help you set up your foreign company in Indonesia within 5 business days. We take care of the paperwork and navigate through the strict legislation so you can focus on your core business.

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PT ( PMA )

The foreign investment company PT PMA is the most suitable option for foreign investors who want to expand their businesses and profit from the huge Indonesian market. For the PT PMA company formation, investors need assistance to navigate the complicated rules and bureaucracy. This is where MAM Corporate Solutions comes in.

PT ( Local )

PT Local is a Perseroan Terbatas (Limited Liability Company) that allows local Indonesian shareholders only. This type of company is intended for Indonesian citizens only however foreign investors can do PT Local company incorporation by employing nominee shareholder service.

General Representative Office ( KPPA )

Foreign investors could set up a Representative Office in Indonesia to study the market for maximum period of 5 years which incorporated by an overseas company / parent company to represent in Indonesia before developing a foreign investment companies in Indonesia.

Our process

The process of setting up a company in Indonesia

1. Consultation

Talk to our experts about your expansion objectives in Indonesia.

2. Document

Provide us with all the documents required for company establishment.

3. Review

We ensure your submitted documents are aligned with the latest regulations.

4. Submission

We file all your documents to the related government bodies on your behalf.

General requirements for registration company

  • Shareholders can be both individuals and corporations. Depending on your business classification there might be a limit to the maximum foreign ownership.
  • The capital is expected to be transferred to your corporate bank account after company registration is completed. Some industries have higher capital requirement.
  • Directors and commissioners can but don’t have to be shareholders. The director is responsible for the operations of the company while the commissioner oversees the work of commissioners.
  • Your company must use a registered address that is in a commercial building which can be provided by Emerhub.
  • Minimum investment should be above IDR,- (ten billion Indonesian Rupiah) or equivalent to current exchange rate. It doesn’t include the value of land and buildings owned by the company
  • Minimum paid up capital should be IDR 2.500.000.000,- (two and a half billion Indonesia Rupiah)
  • Should be owned by minimum 2 parties, either individual or corporate
  • All banking transactions such as capital injection, administration of loans, payment of capital equipment, material, etc.) of PT PMA has to be transacted through bank account in Indonesia

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Of course. To do so, you need to engage with a local nominee service provider.

Foreigners are allowed to own companies in several business classifications with a few exceptions. These are mostly business activities that are seen as a threat to national security or small business areas that are protected from foreign competition.

Yes, this particularly applies to import and export businesses. Instead of establishing a company, you can use an undername import service, also known as importer of record.

It should take between 1 to 1.5 months. For speedy incorporation, you can choose a shelf company (ready-made company) instead.

Yes. A joint venture company can be in the form of PT PMA (foreign company) or PT (local company). Requirements for each establishment are different.

Business Registration Number is proof that a company, regardless of type, is legally registered in Indonesia. A company that does not have a Business Registration Number may have to face dissolution.

A PMA stands for foreign direct investment (FDI). Foreign-owned companies are referred to as PT PMAs (limited liability companies with foreign ownership). Note that any amount of foreign ownership makes the company a PMA.

A “PT” stands for limited liability company. A company will be called “PT. My Company Name” regardless of whether the company has foreign ownership or not.

Besides getting access to the business opportunities in the fourth largest country in the world, having a company allows you to open local bank accounts, hire employees, issue work permits to foreigners and even buy property.

Besides getting access to the business opportunities in the fourth largest country in the world, having a company allows you to open local bank accounts, hire employees, issue work permits to foreigners and even buy property.