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Mediamaz Work has been established since 1998. Mediamaz Work provides sworn translation services, oral interpreters, and document legalization. Form a legal entity under PT. Mediamaz Solusindo Nusantara, currently Mediamaz Work is growing rapidly to become the largest and most trusted translator in Indonesia with experience and partners, and information that Mediamaz Work already has.

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Quality & Excellence

Provide expert workforce and professional translator services from foreign languages into Indonesian and conversely.


Our main priority is client satisfaction. Do a consultation more than you want to receive our competent workforce.

One Stop

You can acquire a sworn translator service contract and the best interpreter in one message.

Personalized Consulting

Consult your requirements for a translation or interpreter so that we can select the best candidate for your company.

Our Process

The process of setting up a company in Indonesia

1. Consultation

Talk to our experts about your expansion objectives in Indonesia.

2. Document

Provide us with all the documents required for company establishment.

3. Review

We ensure your submitted documents are aligned with the latest regulations.

4. Submission

We file all your documents to the related government bodies on your behalf.

Get A Quotation Now

There’s no need to waste a lot of time screening potential candidates. With just one click, you can get certified translators and contract interpreters.

Our Support Industry

Technology / AI


Monday – Friday, 9.00 AM – 4.00 PM

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Monday – Friday, 9.00 AM – 8 PM

Office : (021) 55796796

Fax : (021) 55796796

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